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That's right! I'M BACK!!!! & you wonderful LOYAL people are the first to know! I will be releasing this info on Instagram later this evening, as well. As some of you know, I’ll be changing my name very soon (getting married!) and because of that I decided to change my name here, too, to ASPIRE WITH KIMBERLY ANN (formerly the Healthy Parrot). I had merged my two accounts (on Instagram) together while I was going through my 6-month accelerated program with I.I.N. because I felt like I didn’t have enough time or energy to run both accounts. But now that my studies are over, I am raring to go! I plan to bring you some useful (hopefully)and possibly even "firey" content. I will share info on 100+ dietary theories, meal prep tips, cooking lessons, recipes, nutritional info, fitness tips/program (which I'll reveal later), sleep, exercise, stress reduction and talk about controversial subjects like: vaccines, water, the 5 food categories (dairy, soy, gluten, sugar and caffeine), EMF pollution and SO much more. My goals are still the same: to bring you THE BEST content to help you further your dreams and live your best and healthiest life.

I believe, Health isn’t a destination its the vehicle in which when we’re well & feeling our best, we can achieve anything.

I GRADUATED from I.I.N. YESTERDAY, and I am now a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach and I am ready to help you on your journey!!!

Most importantly, I am now taking CLIENTS & offering my SERVICES ONLINE!!!!

In addition, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY that will close on 9/19 at 12:00am CST. So here are the rules to earn points (Note: you can earn as many points as you want):I will be posting this photo (below) on my instagram tonight! So follow the rules below AFTER I post!

1.You must be following @AspirewithKimberlyAnn on instagram. If you’re an old follower comment “loyal follower” and you  will get bonus points.

2. Repost this on any other social media.

3. Sign up for notifications on my website (link in bio) - if you’ve already done this, comment in the "comment section" of the  website and say “loyal follower”. (this is DOUBLE points!)

4. And lastly, give me your feedback on what you want most from ASPIRE!

The WINNER will receive a bunch of my favorite snacks, treats, and other items that I always promote, as well as a FREE COACHING or NUTRITION lesson (equivalent to $150+) of your choice!!!Thank you for your continued support and following me as I chase my dreams. I love you all very dearly!

xx Kimberly Ann

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Loyal follower!!! So proud of you babe! You’re going to be such a great coach and I can’t wait to watch you change lives!!

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