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Introduction: Aspire with Kimberly Ann

So what’s this all about? The new name represents the new direction I am moving into in my life. When you look at me and the things I post or share, my greatest hope is that I can inspire you to ASPIRE for more. In life you have 3 choices: to stand still, to go backward, or to move forward. I want you to always, always, always move forward! Move through the pain, the tough times, and don’t avoid the challenges. Hopefully, it isn’t always painful, but sometimes change can be. I want to inspire you to be the change. With change comes so many opportunities! Please let me know what I can do to help you on your path and to help you move forward. I want to be your biggest cheerleader. My greatest wish for you is to live out your dreams and passions, whatever those may be!

God made each of us so very different: different looks, different goals, different personalities, different DNA, different freckles, different skills, different knowledge, different gifts. No two of us are the same. Not even twins! We learned very young that every single snowflake is unique and made differently, and as children we know this and believe this. Thats exactly how God created us! That means there’s enough room in this world for everyone to pursue their wildest and craziest dreams and be who they want to be! We can all live our “best life” without stepping on or crowding out others. We are all God's creations designed for a purpose and I want you to aspire for that purpose that your heart so longs for!

Aspire to be a better partner. Aspire to have a healthier body. Aspire to be a better friend. Aspire to have a better relationship with God (or whatever you may believe in). Aspire to chase your dreams. Aspire to be a better daughter or son. Aspire to love harder, be more patient, be kinder to others. Aspire to be a better parent. Aspire to be a better sister or brother. Aspire to learn more. Aspire to push your boundaries. Aspire to start something new. Aspire to let go of FEAR. Aspire for CHANGE! Never stop aspiring to be better, to want more, to pursue more, to gain more, to learn more, and to be more. Rise high and ASPIRE for greatness.

I welcome you to continue along this journey with me! ASPIRE to be MORE with me, Kimberly Ann. I look forward to our journey together. xo

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