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Traveling to the Mountains/Winter tips!

Hi my sweet friends!

Today I bring you a shorter blog post, but don’t you worry next week I will be back to my usual posting. I wanted to bring a little something for my friends traveling this Thanksgiving break (& Christmas)! As you all know, my husband and I got married 2 and a half weeks ago (wow- can’t believe I am even saying that!) on the mountain of Beaver Creek, Colorado! Since that wonderful day, the mountains have gotten a TON of snow, and as a result most of the popular ski mountains in Colorado have opened early. I was going to bring you different content this week, but a very smart friend of mine told me I should share “Bella’s altitude tips” (which we included in our welcome bags) for those traveling to the mountains this holiday season. These tips are good for traveling to high altitudes and most are applicable for the winter season, as well.

Here are “Bella’s Altitude Tips” when traveling to the mountains:

For starters, Beaver Creek, CO is 8100 ft above sea level.

In comparison, Houston is only 105 and Toronto 251.

SO Bella wants you to know these things:

• Every 1 adult beverage here is equivalent to 3 adult beverages elsewhere! 

• Drink 3X your usual amount of water! 

• For headaches, take altitude supplements & painkillers

• For difficulty breathing, buy an oxygen canister 

• Increase your electrolytes 

  • Emergen-C packets are great for this!

• Use a humidifier!

• Consider getting an electrolyte “IV” (banana bag)

• Wear sunblock & use Chapstick

• Dress in layers

• Symptoms of altitude sickness include:

  • Headache, nausea, dizziness, throwing up, trouble sleeping, feeling tired, shortness of breath, faster heart rate, loss of appetite 

• If symptoms worsen or you have more severe symptoms, please visit: Nearest medical center/ER!!

I hope these tips help you during the winter/holiday season and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for next week’s content!!! Remember to try to always stay in (or get back into) the state of gratitude, because in a state of gratitude and love, hate, fear, and darkness cannot thrive!!

So thankful for you all.

xx Kimberly Ann

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